W. D. Hogan - independent filmmaker


There is rarely a film with too much money to spend and too much time to make it. The lower the budget, the greater the expectations and higher the demands. Learning the craft through film and television forces an independent filmmaker to consider every artistic choice to find the essence of the moment, the point of the scene and what’s most essential to the story, all within its limited parameters.

The challenge, of course, is to keep it interesting.

Screenplays, whether mind-blowing original works or derivative assignments, fall on the filmmaker to make it entertaining, moving and visceral. Sometimes you win, sometimes not. Still, the experience sharpens one’s skills so that meeting the demands of these constraints become possible.

Nearly all of the work here began with screenplays too ambitious for the time and money allotted.

Most wanted to compete with massive Hollywood blockbusters but with 1/100th the budget. Nearly all the features were shot in fourteen days or less and, in the end, every project involved dedication beyond what was asked.

Regardless of artistic merit, you make films to hone craft, explore new ideas and enhance your skills as an independent filmmaker.

But mostly you direct a film to better yourself as a storyteller so when a project arrives that expands your concept of the human condition in a mind-blowing, exciting and cinematic fashion, you are ready to take it on.

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 Film Information

  • “The Fourth” from SyFy Original Movies, Cinetel Films and Reel One Pictures, released as “INDEPENDENCE DAYSASTER
  • I/D” is available on DVD and VOD.


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