Earth's Final Hours, W. D. Hogan - director


Balancing performance, exposition and cinematography with VFX, stunts, car chases & explosions is challenging. On a fourteen day shoot with 1/100th the budget of a summer tentpole is nearly impossible.

“EARTH’S FINAL HOURS” was delivered on time and under budget.

Shooting on 35mm film encouraged consideration of every creative choice. With extensive pre-viz and planning we were able to meet the studio’s expectations.

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“Earth’s Final Hours”

As dense matter collides with Earth and slows its rotation, deadly consequences threaten our very existence. The only way to save the planet is by activating a lost satellite system orbiting the globe.
SyFy Original Movies, in association with Cinetel Films and Reel One Pictures, present “EARTH’S FINAL HOURS”  Executive Producers: Lisa Hansen and Tom Berry.  Starring Robert KnepperJulia BensonBruce DavisonJulia MaxwellCameron BrightMichael KopsaRoark Critchlow & David Richmond-Peck.  Featuring Alex ZaharaDoug Chapman and Hiro Kanagawa.

Director of Photography: Anthony Metchie.  Production Design: Renée Read. Costume Designer: Tanya Lipke.  1st A.D.: Greg Rousseaux.  Sound: Tad Nazar.  US Casting: Penny Perry.  CAD Casting: Maureen Webb.  Stunts: Brett Chan.  Original Score: Michael Neilson.  Editor: Christopher A. Smith.  Producer: John Prince.  Screenplay: Rachelle HowieDavid Ray.  Director: W. D. Hogan 

  • The ending was filmed on location at an abandoned mine in Minati Bay, B.C.
  • After the exploding car didn’t provide the results desired, the SFX crew rigged it to blow a second time in under ten minutes.
  • The hurricane fans used in the final battle scene embedded dirt and debris into the equipment and ruined the lenses.



 “EARTH’S FINAL HOURS” is available on NetflixBluray and VOD.