Short films are tough. Funny, poignant and enlightening stories are challenging tasks in a limited space. But they give you a chance to explore new genres, to experiment, to play.

It started with To His Coy Apple at Johnny Depp’s Viper Room, shot on 35mm film. Years later it was an experimental piece examining the post-9/11 heaps of broken images laid over the heartbreaking words of Allen Ginsberg in (Pieces of) America.”

And finally, testing the waters of quite possibly the most difficult and challenging world of them all: comedy. With a great cast and crew, lead by Lorenzo Lamas in a sharp, observed and self-deprecating turn, Let Lorenzo was born for Funny or Die.

LET LORENZO” stars Lorenzo Lamas and Buzz Aldrin. You’re welcome.

W. D. Hogan’s Short Films Info

Comedy.  LET LORENZO features Television & Film Star, Lorenzo Lamas, a star of Television and Film, utilizing his years of experience reading great scripts and playing interesting characters to help your husband pay attention to you, to help your child listen to you and to help you kickstart your child’s breastfeeding.  Let Lorenzo Lamas and his years of acting work for you, so you can become the happier, healthier couple you were meant to be!

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Written & Produced by Scott Vinci and W. D. Hogan for Funny or Die, “LET LORENZO” stars Lorenzo Lamas, Buzz Aldrin, Lois AldrinScott Vinci, Shawna Craig, Melissa Strom, Jay Lewis, Kirk Zipfel, Tracy Locke, Carina Covella, Dylan Ramsey, James Lew, Trevor Tevel, Natalie Desselle-Reid, Lenny Reid, Sereno Reid, Ann Marie Lindbloom, Jeff Finn, Nuria Aparicio, Ryan BurneyJacqueline Pinol and David Michie.  Stunts: Koby Azarly.

Director of Photography: Dave McFarland.  Stunt Coordinator: James Lew.  1st A.D.: David Geiger.  Original Music: Charlie Gartner.  Director/Editor: W. D. Hogan.

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Experimental.  (PIECES OF) AMERICA” was produced, directed and edited by W. D. Hogan.  The voice-over is a recording of Allen Ginsberg reading his poem America.  The film takes images from around the USA, particularly New York City, and strips them of color to reflect the stark heartbreak of post-9/11 America.

  • W. D. Hogan shot “(Pieces of) America” on Super 8mm film from 2000-2002.
  • The score was composed by Greg Walsh, composer of “Soldier of God

(PIECES OF) AMERICA” premiered at the AFI Film Festival.


Experimental Narrative.  Shot at The Viper Room in 1994, TO HIS COY APPLE is based on the poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell.  Imagined in a beatnik coffee house, a young man cunningly convinces an unwilling beauty to embrace the moment.

Starring Michael Xavier and Maite Garcia, Sal Jenco, Jaimie Glasson Pergament, Jon Massey, Aaron Smith, Big D and Robert DeLeon.  Executive Producer: Debra Grieco-Bergman.  Producers: Debra Grieco-Bergman, Stephen Tibbo and Russ Lyster.  Cinematographer: Russ Lyster.  Production Designer: Logan Hamilton.  Original Music: Mick Sweeney.  Writer/Director: W. D. Hogan.

  • Shot at The Viper Room
  • The Art Department went through 18 cartons of cigarettes while shooting as every character had to smoke in the film.

TO HIS COY APPLE” premiered at the Laemmle Sunset 5 and The Sundance Channel.


Let Lorenzo (Pieces of) America To His Coy Apple