Rollo May wrote “Creativity… requires limits, for the creative act rises out of the struggle of human beings with and against that which limits them.” The limits endured in the making of “Soldier of God” were extreme.

With less than three weeks and $300k to shoot the movie, pressure was enormous.

At its heart, the picture is a meditation on religious intolerance, existential agenda and spiritual kinship. On a film of this scale with no money to spend, every artistic choice was considered and stripped to its essence.

Soldier of God” won Best Picture at Stratford-Upon-Avon & AFI Dallas Film Festivals


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From The New York Times

Director W. D. Hogan‘s sweeping period epic “Soldier of God” unfurls in the Middle East of the late Twelfth Century.  As the story opens, the Knights Templar, a religious order originally assigned to protect Christian pilgrims, has disintegrated from chivalric order and justice into dissolute chaos, as its individual factions bloodthirstily vie with one another for power and control.

Rene (Tim Abell), a ‘warrior-monk’ who counts himself among the Templars’ ranks, watches as the Christian army surrounding him is all but extinguished in the 1187 battle at the Horns of Hattin.

At the last minute, with his own execution only minutes away, Rene is abducted by Brigands on the battlefield, then manages to escape his captors and flees into the desert, where he faces almost certain death from dehydration.  At the last minute, Hasan (William Mendieta), an enigmatic Muslim traveler, saves Rene’s life and Rene thanks his new friend, in return, by saving him from Saladin’s invading forces.

The two ultimately seek refuge at the home of the widow Sohelia (Mapi Galán), who nurses the injured Hasan back to full health.

Meanwhile, Rene finds himself drawn to the vicissitudes of simple life in this newfound oasis, and to the temptation of sacrificing his vows as a crusader for a romance with Sohelia.  But Hasan holds a long-buried secret from his past that will soon bring Saladin’s armies raining down onto Sohelia’s home – igniting a violent cataclysm that will change the lives of Rene and Hasan, irrevocably.  William Mendieta, Mapi Galan, Nicholas Kadi and Scott Cleverdon co-star; Kathryn Kuhlen and producer Mir Bahmanyar co-authored the script. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

“’Soldier of God’ is ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ with a soul.” — A.F.I. Dallas Film Festival

Director of Photography, Neil Lisk.  In Memoriam.

“Soldier of God” was noted for its stunning cinematography by Director of Photography Neil Lisk.  He was fearless in his creativity and courageous in his choices.  A remembrance on a gifted cinematographer, a good friend and a great family man.

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“Soldier of God”

A Knights Templar meets a mysterious Muslim in the desert. They find refuge in an oasis at home of a beautiful woman.

As the Knight falls for the woman and the simple life, he questions his Crusader ethos. But the Muslim holds a secret that will be bring devastation and change their lives for ever.

Anabasis Films & Fabrication Films present SOLDIER OF GOD

Executive Producers: Mir BahmanyarGrant FerrierSuhela BajjaliBassem BajjaliEnzo LavagniniSara van Valkenburg and Giacomo G. Ghiazza.  Co-Producers: Tim AbellFouad BajjaliTy Donaldson and Georgia Lambron.  Starring Tim AbellWilliam MendietaMapi GalánNicholas KadiWilliam Morgan SheppardMichael DesanteScott CleverdonDavid FrancoBraedon MarcottSam HenningsLarry LedermanGary LambT. J. StormCharles Fathy and Kast Hasa.

Director of Photography: Neil Lisk.  Production Design: Nicolas Pectol.  Costume Design: Nikol Roberts. Make-Up: Allyson Carey.  Stunts: Robert Chapin.  Casting: Barbara Scolaro.   Editor: Cynthia Ludwig.  Screenwriters: Kathryn Kuhlen and Mir Bahmanyar.  Producer: Mir Bahmanyar.  Director: W. D. Hogan.

  • SOLDIER OF GOD was noted for its stunning cinematography by Director of Photography Neil Lisk.
  • The film was shot in the deserts outside Los Angeles and throughout Spain.
  • BEST PICTURE  “Soldier of God” Stratford-Upon-Avon Film Festival; UK
  • BEST PICTURE  “Soldier of God” AFI/Dallas Film Festival; USA
  • The director consumed 2,756 tabs of Maalox during filming.


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