The best lesson ever learned about directing came through this movie: Make Your Day. Rain or shine, low budget or big, get it in the can. Directing “Behemoth” was a baptism by torrential downpour.

Shooting in adverse conditions is an understatement.

Filming on 35mm in Squamish, BC during November, the sunlight lasted eight hours with rain falling day and night for two months straight. And yet, the picture remained on schedule and delivered SyFy’s biggest ratings that year.

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The once quiet town of Ascension is rocked to its heels when a dormant volcano becomes active. Special Agents from the DOD discover the emergence of an ancient beast rising from its earthen grave.

The race is on to locate a secret weapon that can destroy the BEHEMOTH before it’s too late.

SyFy Original Movies, in association with Cinetel Films and RHI, present “BEHEMOTH”  Executive Producers Lisa Hansen & Tom Berry.  Starring Ed QuinnPascale Hutton and William B. DavisCindy BusbyJessica Parker Kennedy and Ty OlssonGarry Chalk and James Kirk.

Director of Photography: Anthony C. Metchie.  Production Design: James Willcock.  Costume Designer: Kerry Weinrauch.  1st A.D.: Greg Rousseaux.  Sound: Tad Nazar.  US Casting: Penny Perry.  CAD Casting: Candice Elzinga.  Stunts: Glenn EnnisRyan Ennis.  Original Score: Michael Neilson.  Editor: Christopher A. Smith.  Producer: John Prince.  Screenplay: Rachelle Howie.  Director: W. D. Hogan 

  • Shot in British Columbia from October-November, the region’s rainiest season.
  • The Prop Truck was destroyed by a fire while shooting in Squamish, BC.
  • The Behemoth kaiju rises out of the Chief, a rock face in Stawamus, BC.


 “BEHEMOTH” is available on NetflixVOD and DVD.