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The biggest challenge in any movie is to keep it interesting. When a story is derivative and the finances are tight, creative approaches to lensing, pace and sound design can bring a new twist on a familiar tale.

A good cast and a handheld camera will take you far.

Fostering a collaborative spirit was essential to giving the picture scope and emotion. Embracing the Sisyphean task of competing against Hollywood blockbusters, pre-viz, stunt choreography and rehearsals proved vital to attacking the fourteen day shoot.

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The 4th of July in America. When Earth is attacked by a hostile alien force, a small town firefighter and a rogue scientist team up to activate the only technology capable of defeating the invaders.

There’s BBQ, fireworks and one seriously epic title.

SyFy Original Movies, in association with Cinetel Films and Reel One Pictures, present “INDEPENDENCE DAY-SASTER” Executive Producers: Lisa Hansen and Tom Berry.  Starring Ryan MerrimanTom Everett ScottEmily HolmesAndrea BrooksKeenan TraceyCasey DuboisGrace ShermanIain BelcherJill TeedMichael Kopsa and Garwin Sanford.

Director of Photography: Michael Blundell.  Production Design: Phil Schmidt.  Costume Designer: Tanya Lipke.  Sound: John Boyle.  US Casting: Penny Perry.  CAD Casting: Candice Elzinga.  1st A.D. Tim Sereda.  Stunts: Brett Chan.  VFX: Exile VFX Studios.  Original Score: Michael Neilson.  Editor: Christopher A. Smith.  Producer: John Prince.  Screenplay: Rudy Thauberger.  Director: W. D. Hogan 

  • The Dixon Airbase was shot at a power cell factory called Emoli, also used as a location for Continuum, Supernatural and Primeval.
  • The working title of the movie was “THE FOURTH”



  “I/D” is on DVD and VOD.


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