Solipsist Films plays “Mindgames” with Jim Starlin

Solipsist Films (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) has optioned Jim Starlin’s illustrated novel Mindgames and set scribes Mir Bahmanyar and W. D. Hogan to adapt. Jim Starlin is a legend in the comic book world, writing and illustrating Batman, Hulk and The Amazing Spiderman, among others.

Read Jim Starlin’s Mindgames

Starlin is a visionary in the space opera genre.  In Mindgames,” the son of a mutant crime lord is brought home to a distant space station to solve the murder of his estranged father. The setting of the story, Hardcore Station, figures into the canon of several DC characters.

 Jim Starlin talks about “Mindgames” and Hardcore Station.

Stephen L’Heureux hired the writers after optioning their feature script. Bahmanyar is a screenwriter and book author. W. D. Hogan is directing a feature film for Solipsist and IFT.